The plant has an integrated manufacturing facility of 1,64,250 MTPA with 4 Paper machines, Agro and Wood Pulp Streets, Co-Generation Power Plant, Chemical Recovery Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant.

Paper Machines

Kuantum has an installed machine production capacity of 450 TPD, distributed amongst 4 paper machines as follows:

PM1- 30 TPD; PM2- 35 TPD; PM3- 115 TPD; and PM4- 270 TPD.


With various configurations, the machines can produce a wide variety of surface-sized, non-surface-sized and value-added specialty products.

Pulp Streets

Kuantum combines agro, wood, and imported pulp, to produce the highest quality furnish for paper production. Through the implementation of an innovative backward integration project Kuantum has augmented the Agro Pulp Street capacity from 160 TPD to 200 TPD and, concurrently, increased the Wood Pulp Street capacity 380 TPD. This strategic vertical integration empowers Kuantum to be self-sufficient in meeting its pulp needs. Additionally, the company proactively seeks to substitute imported pulp with in-house wood pulp to attain a more cost-efficient operation.

Co-Gen Power Plant

Kuantum’s Co-Gen Power Plant has helped the company to reduce its dependency on the State Power Grid, allowing it to maintain seamless operations keeping power costs to the minimum. In addition, the steam generated in the process is used for pulp and paper production. With commissioning of backward integration project Kuantum Papers has installed two new turbines from Siemens of 20 MW and 8 MW, increasing its total capacity to 38 MW. A new Boiler has also been installed, taking the total steam generation capacity to 190 TPH. This has helped Kuantum to not only be self-sufficient for its power and steam needs, but also has equipped it with enough capacity to cater to increased power requirements for future expansion.

Chemical Recovery Plant

To facilitate recovery of Caustic, Kuantum has installed a new Chemical Recovery Plant of 500 TPD from Andritz for the treatment of Black Liquor produced in the pulping process, thereby increasing total capacity from 200 TPD to 700 TPD. Caustic Soda, which is a costly chemical used in the pulping process, is recovered through this plant leading to a reduction in operational cost. With this, Kuantum is able to recover and recycle 95% of caustic which is used in subsequent production runs.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Kuantum has installed an advanced Effluent Treatment Plant, adhering to environmental norms. This includes maintaining consistent parameters of treated effluent and preparing for future demands with ready-to-scale capacity. The upgraded facility is divided into two streams: Low COD Street-1 with Aerobic treatment and High COD Street-2 with Anaerobic treatment. The treated effluent is used to irrigate almost 2,000 acres of fields in surrounding villages through a network of pipelines laid by the company.