Company Profile

We are an environment friendly organization engaged in the business of production and marketing of premium quality paper using agro and wood material. We aim to conserve precious resources and protect the environment using innovative & sustainable practices.

The mill was established in 1979-80, in an economically backward village - Saila Khurd, in District Hoshiarpur, in the state of Punjab, India, with an aim to utilize wild Agro vegetations like Sarkanda Grass and Kahi Grass, and Agro-residues such as Wheat straw and Bagasse to make writing and printing paper. These agro vegetations were at the time being, and continue to be burnt in the fields, leading to environmental pollution. Thus, by creating an application for their use, we helped reduce environmental degradation substantially. A wood based pulp mill was added in 2008, using only social forestry grown wood and not forest based wood. The company which initially started with a 30 TPD paper production, has now reached a level of 450 TPD. It is producing around 150,000 MT of paper annually and is expected to clock a revenue to the tune of INR 12,000 Mn in the current fiscal year. A major employment provider in the region, the company is providing employment to around 2500 people directly and more than 10000 indirectly.

The company recently commissioned a new Backward Integration Project with an outlay of INR 4,400 Mn which was executed with the strategy to remove certain existing imbalances in capacities in the plant operations, making it completely optimized and cost-effective. The pulping capacity has been increased to 380 TPD and an additional chemical recovery plant with 500 TPD capacity has been installed to manage the increased black liquor generation. The captive power generation has been enhanced to a notable level of 38 MW with 2 new back-pressure turbines and a high capacity high pressure boiler operating at a remarkable 110 bar. The establishment of a Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) plant enables that our paper conforms to the ECF grade. The company has ensured that all these technologies are state-of-the-art which will keep the operations in good stead long into the future.

One of the key objectives of the company is to innovate continuously to enhance value in operations, pursue excellence and seek future sustainability keeping environmental footprint in check, delivering an exceptional experience to customers, suppliers, employees and society alike.