Corporate Responsibility

At Kuantum Papers, Corporate Social Responsibility is taken seriously and translates into running its business in a manner that takes responsibility for the social and environmental impact. Kuantum Papers has taken following initiatives towards CSR.

Responsibility Towards Environment

Annually renewable raw materials such as agro-residue and wild grass are used thereby conserving the forests.

Successfully developed and implemented the process for the biomethanation of alkaline sulphite black liquor for the first time.

Implemented enzymatic pre-bleaching of pulp to reduce the consumption of chlorine.

Adoption of lignin recovery process for recovery of a bio-inhibitory compound, lignin, from the black liquor to meet the regulatory norms set up by the environmental authorities.

Responsibility Towards Society

Quality education for local children through a public school run and managed by the mill management in the local village at subsidized fee.

Dispensary facility within factory premises besides ESI Dispensary for own workers and villagers.

Free medical Check-up and awareness camps in the surrounding villages. Blood donation camps in the industry’s premises.

Free supply of treated effluent for the irrigation in the surrounding villages. The sandy loam soil of the surrounding village has turned into fertile land with the use of treated effluent from the mill.

  • Free supply of drinking water in the vicinity of the mill.
  • Vocational training to students from various institutes such as ITI, Engineering Colleges etc. in the mill.
  • Fellowships to Research students through sponsored R&D Projects.
  • Employment generation for the local community right from raw material collection through processing, paper manufacturing to transportation of finished product.